Frequently asked questions

How do I reserve a table?

Reserving a table is a perk for our VIP Members for a special occasion. Members can reserve a table by calling the club  405-227-0404 during business hours.

Do I need to fill out an online membership form to attend?

No, Just show up with government issued ID. Consent forms and club rules will be discussed in person.

Is my VIP membership valid at all locations?

Yes, your membership is valid at all locations. Pricing may vary by club and events.

What do you do with the information scanned from my ID?

Your information is used to verify your age and membership status. No information will be shared with 3rd parties, all information we obtain is public data.

How old do I need to be to attend a party?

We are 21 and up.


Do you have lockers available?

Yes we have locker rentals available for a small fee.

Can I bring in my cooler?

 Yes you may bring in coolers, we prefer small coolers. You cant not bring alcohol containers inside the OKC location. This is a state law.

Can I bring in my own setup and mixers?

Yes, you may bring in your own but we do have a fully stocked set up bar that is very reasonably priced.

What does BYOB mean?

"Bring your own booze/alcohol".  We are not a BYOB Club. We DO NOT sell, store, serve, poor or mix you alcohol. you keep your alcohol containers in your hotel room or car at all times.  

Are you an on premise club?

We want you to enjoy your sexual freedom, but since we are a private club we don't discuss details unless you are a member.

Can I get a tour before I pay ?

NO, you have to be a member to come inside.

What do you mean by being LGBTQ?

We are a club that welcomes every lifestyle, however we are mainly a couples club.

Lesbian, Gay, BI, Transgender, Queer

 Is there a dress code?

Yes,  Women may dress as sexy as they like and we ask men to be dressed nice casual. 

What type of music is played?

We play a variety of Top 40. Dance, Rock, Hip Hop and Country.

We are not Ken & Barbie will we feel welcome?

 Yes every one is welcome here, we have a variety of people in every shape and color.

Are there any nearby hotels?

Yes, see location page for listings.

What are your hours?

See location page.

I call and get no answer.

Phones are answered during business hours.

Do you have security?

Yes we have security inside and outside the club.

Do you have a lost and found?

Yes we hold items for 2 weeks. You may call and inquire during business hours.

Can I have my birthday there?

Yes you may. You are welcome to bring table decorations and cake if you choose.

Can I bring food?

Yes you may. 

Is there ample parking?

We have a large private lit parking area and a parking attendant. If you need to leave your car overnight  it will be safe.

If we bring a single man with us does he pay the single male price?

Yes, unless you are a VIP member. Single males who accompany VIP couples must stay with that couple all evening.

Why is the single male price so high?

We do this to ensure the couple to single male ratio.

Is smoking allowed ?

Smoking is allowed outside in the designated area.